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A Medical Publishing Company

Diversity & Inclusion

ARAMUC has been a leader in medical publishing industry for over two decades. This has been possible because of the human capital at ARAMUC and for their immense contribution to make us a impactful organization touching human lives



ARAMUC has been an inclusive organization for LGBTQ+ employees and treats every employee with utmost respect

2. Women Employees

ARAMUC has a women leaders in various business functions. We believe in empowerment to all our employees devoid of any gender bias

3. Unconscious Bias

Our goal is to remove an unconscious bias within the organization to foster a culture of equality and respect

4. UN Global Pact

We as an organization believe in the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. More on UN Global Compact

Our belief on diverse workforce having various ideas, interests and cultural backgrounds is helping ARAMUC become an impactful organisation helping to save lives

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